ActivePuzzle Complete Set


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ActivePuzzle is a game for learning robotics by simply building robots out of puzzles. This game was designed to develop computational thinking while playing by experiencing and assimilating basic computational concepts:

  • Input (from sensors) and Output (to actuators)
  • Logic – inverse, AND, OR, filtering
  • Conditional execution – robotic function execution as dependent on an input value.
  • Repeated execution – robotic function execution while a certain condition holds.
  • Electronics concepts – as implementing the robot logic: voltage, current, resistance.

ActivePuzzle encourages creativity, problem solving and teamwork while playing and building robots.

Kit contents:

  • Puzzles – 24 pieces: LED, Motor x 2, Buzzer, Voltmeter, IR Transmitter, Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Proximity Sensor x 2, Potentiometer, IR Receiver, Logic NOT, logic AND, logic OR, Insulator, Wave, Arduino, Conductor, Analog-to-Digital, Battery x 2, Brick Adapter x 2
  • 1 USB cable
  • 2 Wheels
  • 2 Propellers