Learn to Invent

What is ActivePuzzle?

ActivePuzzle is an exciting game that combines systematic inventing and problem solving with 3D puzzles. The game involves using of inventive methods to solve problems, and yet it's a real fun game!

Inventao Worlds

The Inventao app improves inventive and creativity skills while playing, and could be demonstrated using ActivePuzzle.

Visualize Logic

With ActivePuzzle logic becomes visible and simple to understand. Simply put puzzles together to create solution robots.

Simple, Creative

ActivePuzzle is easy to get the hang of - you can invent awesome things and solve tough problems within minutes.

About Us

Here in ActivePuzzle we love to learn by playing (honestly, who doesn’t?), and this is why we invented the ActivePuzzle game. We are scientists and engineers who happened to be educators. For a long time we were seeking a language to express exciting ideas. We believe we found it.